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  • Front MTB mudguards – removable ones?
  • Just checking, does anyone know of a decent, removable front mudguard other than the powa dfender or Crudcatcher XL?
    Need to put bike in the car and remove the front wheel so a big mudguard would get in the way. The rapid racer proguard looks best to me with its seal guard and general size, but it’s zipties to fit it!

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    What forks? RRP have the bolt on proguard, a couple of bolts so defintely easier to remove than zipties.

    Or there’s the Crud XL which fits with O-rings.


    Otherwise, the small flat plastic types will flex so that the bike will lay flat, I had one on my old bike and carried that in the car boot with the front wheel off many times.

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    The mudhugger FRX is QR

    FRX QR Mudhugger (Quick Release)


    Or elongate the ziptie slots a bit and use Velcro.

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    Crud XL or something else but use removable zipties.

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    SKS Shockboard would do it nicely. The mounting hardware is awful but a couple of removable cable ties fix that, and it works great (better than the close fitting type, especially in cloggy mud)


    I recently encountered this problem when I got a RRP front mudguard, solution for when putting bike flat into car is to lay the forks on a cardboard box. Simples! 🙂


    Topeak DeFenders work ok, QR button and bung fitting into steerer tube, but I now use a cheap mudhugger type thing and prop the bike as above on the rare occasions it goes in a car.

    Been using the Proguard for some time now. Knocked up a review with pics on my site –

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    Crud catcher xl, best mud guard out there for the front

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