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  • Front Light… Recommend me the Brightest (and most useful beam) for around £300
  • Premier Icon trout

    Ha ha Jase. be a while before I am fit enough to ride in front


    How long does the small battery last troutie ?

    Info on this page:


    Light in motion Seca 1400. Conveniently I have 1 for sale in great condition at a bargain price.

    Premier Icon cliffyc

    Exposure MaxxD,got one myself doddle to use,pops on and off its mount no fuss as it has no cables,lasts ages on a charge on a short ride when on low setting.I even used mine when adding extra loft insulation as there is no need to drag around a mains powered light when you have megalumens.Best light I have ever used.

    Premier Icon stevemorg2

    Chris – did you get my email last week re. upgrading my LL?


    troutie’s might mean you get taken out head on, look ace though. I just need to get into night riding more.

    I have recommended a couple of these to people for commuting lights I have a magicshine MJ872, but it’s not as good as the candb seen light beamwise. Also, the velcro straps are all a bit cheap and falling apart, plus the battery pack is huge.

    Premier Icon mountainman

    I sugest you look on amazon “cree lights” i’ve got a set under £30.00 quid and more than ample for ,1800 plus lumens and save yourself some hard cash .usually take 7-10 days to arrive.


    Fluxient, simple.

    lots and lots of lumens for 124 from big_f_d on ebay (aka torchy the battery boy) see the folllowing link for some actual b eam comparisons.

    No need to spend loads, just spend well. 2 year guarantee can’t beat ’em.

    Loving mine.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Interesting you said that, I spamhammered a first poster on this four month old thread earlier today for making the same recommendation (and linking to a very dodgy looking website).


    Cougar, what point are you trying to make ?

    I bought those lights.
    They are very good.
    I recommended them just as others have done with their favoured light.
    I provided a helpful link.

    Is there a problem ?


    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Well, I got one of the Four4th Holy Moses earlier this year and it’s bloody brilliant

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    Beware “You buy cheap, you buy twice!”

    Your much better off putting your hard-earned in to Troute Lights. No question for me, fantastic performance and very reliable kit.


    Second for the cree lights as above. I’ve been using mine for commuting for a while and it’s great. With two on it’s incredibly bright, easily good enough for fast offroading, although battery life is an issue. You can carry spares though.

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