Front derailleur clearance with short chainstays

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  • Front derailleur clearance with short chainstays

    Hi all,

    New commuter is 2×10 but the dual-pull shimano FD is very close to the tyre. The cable routing is bottom-pull so I cant cut off the offending cable arm that is the usual solution in top-pull setups.

    Ive got a direct mount adaptor and dual-pull SRAM X7 FD and this keep the mechanism well away from the tyre, win. However it has an ugly cable stop for top pull which is now redundant but cutting it off would leave it looking a bit messy as its in plain view.

    The SRAM mech i have is actally broken so I need to order a new one anyway, so before I do I was wondering if any other SRAM FD’s, band on rather than direct mount, have as good clearance? What solutions did everyone else come up with before 1x became an option? (its not in this situation).


    DM is obviously the answer unless you can fit a side-pull mech and somehow managed the cable routing.

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    Have you considered one of the new side swing mechs ?


    Yes ive considered side swing as the rear disc cable runs on the top of the downtube so the mounts are there, but this is a genesis so has nice cable stops of the headtube which will look odd sitting unused 😳

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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