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  • Froggleg Empella cantilevers. Experiences?
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    I run them ( and rate them) on my CX… Spot on IMHO. Granted, adjustability is limited, but to be fair, coupled with Ultegra STIs I've never had a drama..

    Sure, the compared to a set of disks, they are poles apart, but to be fair, they slow me down enough, and I'm no jeyweight..

    And for £40 for a full set, you can't go wrong.

    Premier Icon richmars

    I used them for about 6 months. A pig to set up but I haven't touched them since, and very pleased with their performance.


    get the Tektro CR520/CR720 cantis, far far easier to set up and a bit better performance


    IME 'cross canti's (inc. froglegs) are fookin' scary at race speeds… but that's going quick in the mud and rain. Quite time consuming to set up too. I guess for loaded up touring where braking is a bit less frantic they'd be ok, but don't expect masses of stopping power.

    I've had a few sets over the years and really like them, I've found to get the best out of them, Bend them with an adjustable so they are toed in slightly and use kool stop salmon pads and they work a treat in any weather.


    I'm looking for a set of cantilevers for a touring bike. Keen to hear of folks experiences of these.

    I've got a Dave Yates Audax frame, which was built around some early Deore XT cantilever brakes. The bosses are mounted quite close together limiting the type of brakes I can use. Avid Shorty 6s wouldnt fit. I have to use an Open Pro 20mm wide rim to get the Shimanos to work. The Frogglegs look as though they might work in the same way as the early Shimanos.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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