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  • Friday Performance and Photography thread! "Down your way" edition
  • Well, Friday dawns with a sunny disposition, so it’s time for the P&P tnread!

    I’ll add some pics a little later, but let’s have a local edition. Let’s see some sporting photographic excellence of things or people local to you, or local to where you find yourself today!

    Keep it clean, of course. So, share the local heroes!


    Gethin Butler- lives and works locally though I dont know him but I know people who do

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Double Olympic gold-medal-winning yachtswoman Shirley Robertson is oft to be found pottering round Cowes, walking her dogs or waiting in the queue at the supermarket.

    If our paths cross, I make a point of hissing to the missus in a stage whisper, “There’s that Ellen McArthur again.”


    Not really performance in a sporting way, performance non the less, oh and a love for sailing so I’ll add him if I may.. Just bought a house on the seafront near me..

    Simon LaBon dontchaknow.


    Louis Smith – Gymnast & Peterborough boy

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Brighton speed trials;

    Brighton Big Dog;


    Oli Beckingsale

    Local rally driver.


    I could post a pic of Amy Williams…

    She trains up the road.
    I was in the same athletics club as a kid.
    And recently I had a go on the push start track the team use.

    …but I won’t to avoid where it might lead.

    Instead you can have Jeremy

    and Dai Greene has moved here to train


    Clive Allen in sunny Brentwood, Essex…49 goals in the 87 season… legend… and told him so when I bumped into him in the local woods walking his dog.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    In addition to Junkyard’s postings (Mrs North shares a hairdresser with our Brad – I’ve tried to tell her the mod look isn’t really her, but will she listen? 😉 )


    And a whole pile of his team-mates live nearby.

    And this chap is a mere cockstride away in Birkdale:

    Premier Icon DezB

    Probably the most talented person ever to come out of lovely Leigh Park
    Mark Webb (Jedi thinks he’s the bestest IIRC)

    at Southsea Skatepark:

    Local hero for me;

    Simply one of the best flankers I’ve seen play.

    Premier Icon binners

    Some people suffering on the Rake Hill Climb a few weeks ago

    Actually, while googling ‘the Rake Rambsbottom’, this unsavoury lot came up. Who clearly couldne’t even make it to the top without stopping for a pint


    These two live nearby………


    mark webb = bmx genius

    Well seen as it’s a captain flashie thread, he might enjoy our local sport of Chav Hunting (actually Ned Hunting would be more accurate as it’s Scotland)

    paging all handwringers – rampant political incorrectness going on here

    Premier Icon ton

    probably the greatest rl player ever.


    These two olympic hopefuls live nearby

    Also, national U23 road champion

    3 peaks legend is also a Bingley lad,

    Who’s the run and wriggler, Ton?

    In my current location, this chap is treated with the sort of reverence usually reserved for deities; Tim Thomas

    Premier Icon ton

    Neil Fox.
    have a look at his palmares Flash.


    Amy Williams, Cambridge, born now Bath resident.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Bill lives close by.

    Premier Icon dawson

    Lee Westwood still lives in Worksop

    Love those last three pics, folks!

    Ton, that’s quite a record! If on;y he’d played a real sport, eh? 😉


    This is very much ‘down my way’. About a mile and a half away.
    (stolen from excellent thread on retrobike)

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