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  • don simon

    Home made pizza.


    Mrs Carlos is making chicken curry, served with rice and the usual trimings.

    I’ll be eating Coq-au-Vin with cauliflower and carrot mash followed by some fine cheeses for dessert.

    This is very nice…

    It’s Friday….

    Fish ‘n Chips

    Premier Icon lunge

    I’m also fancying a touch of cooking tonight. So far I’m thinking:
    Starter – seared scallops with black pudding and pea puree.
    Main – Pan fried sea bass with herb mash, french beans and a lemon butter.
    Pudding – Not sure, chocalate and cointreau mousse maybe?


    steak sandwich with stilton and avocado and some kind of lube – mayo or something. Bit of lettuce for the missus.

    Posh meal you can eat in front of the telly. Fast turnaround too. Bit dirty, but that’s also a good thing right?

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Guacamole(made by me as its dead lush)
    Tortilla crisps to dip
    salsa, nice and hot
    Pizza(home made)
    Salad with good olives, rocket and a little coriander
    Cold beer


    8 bottles of ale, anything tastes nice after that. 😉


    mushroom lasagne, wine, choc tart.


    Out for pizza late afternoon then beers after.

    Home made pizza.

    When done right, tis the best food in the world.


    yougurt, toast, biscuits, glass of milk – oh hang on thats just the second I get in the door after my commute 😉

    Roast pork tonight, couple of beers, you gotta love a friday night.

    french beans and a lemon butter

    I’m confused why you’ve said ‘a lemon butter’ rather than just ‘lemon butter’. Why?

    Premier Icon DaRC_L

    What I call Sausage Risotto,
    although if I were talking to John Torode I’d call it a Jambalaya as it uses long grain rice…

    Premier Icon crispo

    Right, I know its only 10.30 but my tummy is already grumbling and has got me started thinking of what to cook up for tea tonight.

    Any ideas at all to help me cook up a storm this evening (its only me and the mrs but its friday so might as well go all out)!

    So come on lets know what youre thinking this for this evening or just what things you can recommend me. Ideally some that go well with a nice beer of bottle of red.

    Premier Icon crispo

    Mmmmm some good ideas here cheers everyone! Currently divided between some kind of curry or the home made pizza idea.

    Phone ahead then pick up the curry on the way home
    Job done.

    Sunday though – diving in newly repaired dry suit in shallow water (testing), which is home to scallops, crabs and razor clams. maybe a lobster or 2 if we get lucky.


    Having a couple of mates round and making a load of enchiladas!

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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