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  • Friday night, drinking and listening thread revival
  • don simon

    E: Lentil curry.
    D: Coffee.
    L: This.

    Premier Icon stevemakin

    ah, you’ll have to excuse me, I’m getting old 🙂


    Eaten: bolognaise sauce with pasta
    Drinking: red wine
    Listening : Elbow

    Eating: choccy biscuits
    Drinking : a glass of Pinot
    Listening: The fire cracking from my chim!

    Premier Icon Cougar

    E: Waiting for Chinese to be delivered.

    D: Mystery whiskies from a friend.

    L: Nowt yet, that’s next.

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    😯 are you sure they aren’t samples???

    E: Spag bol
    D: Brains IPA for me
    L: disco thread

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Quite sure.

    A good friend has quite a collection. He’s decided it’d be a nice thing to do to share with his friends. The only catch is, no-one knows what any of them are.


    Bin 53
    watching a dvd

    Premier Icon stevemakin

    This used to happen in the old days, not noticed it for a while though…

    So, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale accompanied by The Battles new CD earler, now a nice Chilean Shiraz with my curry and listening to the proms on bbc4 🙂


    SNPA,then a nice shiraz ,then a nice malt .
    listening to the rain on the caravan roof and 6 music and a snoring springer

    Cougar that’s defo P1,2,3 and 4 man!

    Are your friends taking the p***?

    Premier Icon Napalm

    Salmon bubble & squeek
    Beethoven (and a little bit of the old ultraviolence on ITV4)


    Chicken & Pork pie.
    Leffe Blonde
    Clockwork Orange


    Chicken Kebab & Pizza
    1664 & red wine
    The Hip Hop thing on Ch4, now BBc4 about the history of festevals

    is that battles album any good? tempted to see them when they come up here in the autumn – just to work out whether i’m impressed or not.

    drinking Oranjeboom and on a newly-bought (& fitting others) playlist of
    Maximo Park (not good, but i knew that beforehand),
    DJ format (fabriclive version – not as good as Music For The Mature B-Boy,
    Black Country Communion,
    The Proletariat,
    Flaming Lips,
    Gaslight Anthem,
    The Computers (new album – they’re still not getting the live act on tape very well),
    Cut Chemist,
    The Damned,
    The Heavy,
    Kill it kid
    Mumford et. al.
    The Bronx

    in a brazen attempt at keepy-uppy, is there any decent Metal about these days? the housemate’s of the tiresome “there’s nothing good these days” opinion, so i’m trying to shove some aceness toward him. I’m good in everything from oldschool punk through indie and hiphop to electronica, but metal and classic rock are his specialism. Early metallica, joe bonamassa, wildhearts, terrorvision, faith no more, skid row etc etc are the “faves” – the word “bluesy” turns up a lot too when describing good things.

    Of the little i know in this area, Turbowolf “it even sounds like Mustaine” ticked his box,


    but Chickenhawk (now called Hawk Eyes it seems)
    he hated.


    So if that’s any decent guideline..

    i’m indebted for any advice, cheers folks

    ^plus drunkenly singing alomg to this lad,
    p.s. i had a roast for tea,


    Listening – various, think the last thing I had on was Tenacious D
    Drinking – water at the minute but will be going down to the hostel bar soon 😀

    edit – oh and eating a couple of pizza slices from the place next door.

    good show sir, good show

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