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  • Friday just for fun – Be a Doctor / Physio thread
  • i get my ankle MRI’d on Monday and see the quack sometime after but who needs such stuff when you have STW.

    A bit of background :

    In summary – Bust ankle, 4 months in a cast, facing 3-6 months of physio

    Your challenge : Tell me what you would recommend as a physio and exercise regime for the next few months.

    I will compare it against the pro’s when I get their opinion and choose the one with most booze, drugs and crack whores probabaly


    **** with your feet?

    15 mins on a pogo stick 4 times an hour

    joto – just tried that. Good points are that because there isn’t much feeling in my foot I could pretend it was someone else. Bad points are I dont want some other bloke using his feet to **** me off.

    greatApe – Pogo stick on order from Argos for collection tomorrow

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    no physio, I’d have the **** off – right now !

    (what do I win ?)


    This would be unfair. I am a physio.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Climb a ladder and jump off


    15 mins on a pogo stick 4 times an hour

    You absolute fecker

    I’m laying in a hospital bed with four fractured vertebrae. It’s the day after my off so everything else is starting to hurt.

    My pain killers have worn off and I can’t stop giggling at that comment.

    Oh man I’m in so much pain but still laughing.


    apparently if you lie on your knob till it goes numb it feels like you’re giving someone else a w**k. er, i think i’ve said that wrong haven’t I? oh dear….


    Axe based amputation


    I’ll go with standing on yer tiptoes then backing down to yer heal, then back to yer tiptoes in front of the sink whilst holding on for balance.

    That’s what I was told when I bust all the bones in my right foot (from windsurfing)

    What I actually did was none of that and as the foot was in a back slab with the adjustable straps, I simply took it off after two weeks and got back on my roadie, took it easy made sure my rotation was directed to my toes and balanced between my heal and within 6 weeks I was back in training having lost hardly anytime at all.

    You are different, but I’d say get on yer bike..



    Eat plenty of curry.

    My answer is given above.

    I reckon you should be given speed ladders – just for a laugh. Safer than your normal type of ladder too.

    Premier Icon althepal

    Toe/ankle lifts either up and hold or press up stylee.
    Or resistance bands round the ball of your foot sitting down foot outstretched in front of you.
    Er- didn’t you have your ankle fused though???
    I read the thread saying you didn’t need it fused now????

    Premier Icon Northwind


    Get well soon growinglad

    DexB – You Fecker!!! I climbed the ladder and then lost my nerve. It has taken Mrs WCA 2 hours to talk me donw.

    I am going to bed before I read any more of this thread.

    PS our gutter need cleaning if anyone is in the area

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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