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  • Fresh Goods Friday 694 – The TFFT Edition
  • Ben_Haworth
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    TFFT meaning Thank Fully February is Through. And whose idea was it to stick an extra flipping day on the end of it?

    By ben_haworth

    Get the full story here:

    Fresh Goods Friday 694 – The TFFT Edition

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    I want to buy some tyres but the Bike Inn link is broken. Will you get a backhander if I wait for you to fix it?

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    We will. Let me look at it and see if I can straighten it out

    Try this link instead

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    Those exact tyres are exactly what I’m running on my Bird Aeris AM. They’re good.

    (Not the GravelKings!)

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    Oh dear. Faff is a British thing then?


    This might explain the British economy and the British riding ethic?


    Reminded that as a young ‘un I’d return from school, spurn book work, and just play on my BMX.


    Now I work, work, work and produce what is needed. Then I think about riding. Then, at the weekend, I actually do it. Well, 40% of the time. Life intervenes in the rest.


    But, actually going for a ride? Yep. Faff is a big part of that. Is the bike I’d like to take ready? Do I need to jizz it up? Does it need more chain lube? Do I need to pop it in the back of the car or can I ride from the driveway? Are the pads evenly spaced from the discs? Are the lights charged enough? Is the saddle just so, or does it need a tweak? Have I got the right tool or parts in my disaster bag?


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    Ah, so I need a sword as I turn on my dandy horse?

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