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  • Fresh Goods Friday 635: Veg & Two Fruits Edition
  • amandawishart
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    This is the yintro… it’s a bit like the yangtro but totally the polar opposite. What does FGF have in store for us all this week?

    By amandawishart

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    Fresh Goods Friday 635: Veg & Two Fruits Edition

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    Pro tip for that lifeline guide, I bought mine for cutting a carbon steerer, but it’s too narrow for the Park carbon saw blade, but you can just take out the two bolts at the back, pop two washers in, and reassemble, and you have a wider gap which is perfect.

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    The guy playing the hammered dulcimer in that Orkestra Obsolete cover is my GP. I was quite surprised when first saw it.

    not long after, my wife saw him at a cramps tribute gig, seemed pretty enthusiastic, then jumed on stage to play guitar.

    talented chap. not a bad GP either.

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    The helium bivvy is a good one, had a good few bug free nights in mine. Pretty breathable top material as well too, and the hoop gives enough space to read a book/kindle if it’s chucking it down.

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    The apple n orange is a humble brag, not sure about the parsnip though.😀

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    I’m always impressed how that little magnet on my double track can hold so much pressure when I overload it

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    That Lifeline steerer guide look identical to the one I bought from Superstar about 10 – 15 years ago. Still works. I have a feeling I took out a spacer in the middle to make the gap narrower but I might have imagined doing that as I haven’t cut a steerer in about 7 or 8 years.

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