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  • Fresh Goods Friday 633 – the no deep thoughts edition
  • amandawishart
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    It may come as a surprise, but today is Friday! Yay! The last Friday of 2022. Where did that year go? It’s probably time to sit back and reflect on th …

    By amandawishart

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    Whoa Hannah, for a second I thought you were drinking mate!

    Best wishes from Argentina for the whole Singletrack crew!!!

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    So much innuendo this week…

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    @slimshady I don’t think I’m freeride or Hebden Bridge enough for yerba mate!

    There is? Where?!

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    The innuendo juices flow so naturally that we often don’t realise we’ve left a trail.

    Too much?

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    A rack… a rack.. for…. HOW MUCH!? now I’ve seen everything :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    You’d need to be Finbar Saunders to think there was a lot of innuendo.

    Although you did say “chopper” fnar, fnar…

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    White socks? Really! Only good for tarmac on a summer’s day. Would be ruined in 5 minutes on the current mudfest trails in Dorset.

    More innuendo please, it has brightened up a dull grey very rainy day.

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    Preferring the OEX backpack over the HUGE-looking Deuter suitcase with straps.

    What a full FGF you’ve blessed us with for the end of 2022!

    Those Surly bars…tasty. If only I hadn’t given away all my old bike junk I’d have all the other pieces. Even gave away my Crow Bars – too scary for today!

    Innuendo? I’ll have to re-read.

    Catch you at 18:00 GMT. And happy new year when it comes.

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    Too much?

    just the right amount, id say. subtlety is key.

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