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  • Fresh Goods Friday 607: Glance Mastering Edition
  • Ben_Haworth
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    The Tour Of The France begins today. But before you open up a browser tab to listen/watch the opening stage (which is probably a time trial in Denmark …

    By ben_haworth

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    find someone that supports you through the rough times, like Amaury’s forks do

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    Pub prices for a small can of beer! Really!
    I really don’t buy into this “…. made by vegan virgins on the summer solstice with added secret ingredients from a thousand year old hidden forest and using witchcraft ….” just so you can charge ridiculous prices for a small can of beer.
    The craft beer industry now comes with added bullsh*t and a very strong whiff of Jilly Goolden & Oz Clarke.

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    Beer is the new gin. Stick to the traditional brewers, nicer beer for reasonable prices.

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    Jilly Goolden & Oz Clarke

    Mind the “age” gap!

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