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  • Fresh Goods Friday 584: UKIP or Cadbury Twirl edition
  • Ben_Haworth
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    Ben said: Can someone with a functioning mind write an intro pls? So you’ve got Hannah’s ramblings…April Parker, I wonder where she is now, and if s …

    By ben_haworth

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    Fresh Goods Friday 584: UKIP or Cadbury Twirl edition

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    You going to do a full review on that Sigma bike computer? Nice to see alternatives to Garmin/Wahoo/Lezyne popping up.

    edit – and that’s a great back story to the Outcast keyring! 🤣

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    I have the same colour paint on my Starling and it chips like a bugger so be prepared for that. It’s why Joe doesn’t offer it as a standard colour option.

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    We took our children, then aged 9 and 7, to see Meat Loaf in Manchester. If you wish to tell Social Services it is a bit late, they are now 36 and 34, and while other loves have come and gone we are all heartbroken at the news of his passing.
    The thought of Chipps with a houseful of keyrings has cheered me up no end.

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    That Starling is nice, so clean. Mmmmm. The brace looks like a headless version of the old Rocky Mountain brace.

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    Starling, purple and yellow, yes. Middleburn also a yes.

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    That BB tool was £15 when I bought it. It’s £25 now for what looks identical to that £40 in a box version

    It bent when I put a bit too much force through it.

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    Yeah – I was going to say the BB tool doesn’t have an 8mm bit for a reason – the main shaft is jujst not that beefy. I’ve found the one I have fine for a ~£14 ebay special on smaller bolt heads, though. Enough for a three hour get-you-home tool.

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    Presumably it’s not essential to be riding with a Singletrackworld staff member when using the #STWFGF tag? 😉

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    NB: riding pics. No riding in the pic, no win.

    Bollocks. didn’t notice this condition before*. I’m likely out then as most of my riding is done solo.

    * and, judging by most of the photos tagged, neither did most folk.

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    Still got my outcast bottle opener I came 23rd in the world

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    Yah, pedals clearly either the same as One Up or a very close copy.

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    To be fair, all of those Oxford products are straight up rip offs. One Up Pedals, Deathgrips, and the All In multitool.

    That Starling is bloody gorgeous.

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    Original multi tool can be found here

    I know this is just FGF, but fielding blatant copies is pretty poor

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    Starling 😍

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    That Starling made me think of Easy Rider. And not in a good way.
    Slack as a slack thing

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    That Starling made me think of Easy Rider. And not in a good way.

    Can there be a not-good way to think of Easy Rider? Asking for a friend.

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    They remind us of some other pedal that we annoyingly can’t remember at the mo! (One Up’s maybe?)

    They’re very similar to Wellgo B54 or B143

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