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  • marty


    Got a French road trip coming up and looking for some pointers on "functional" hotels chains – need to be near autoroutes and at the Travel Lodge/Premier Inn end of the spectrum.

    What are Formule1's like?

    Others to look – Campanile, Premiere Classe, Kyriad?


    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Ibis is my default, and they're everywhere. Formule 1 is a step down from that, but quite passable.

    Enjoy your trip.

    Yep, Ibis are usually OK. Formule1 can be rather scummy at times.
    Novotel are pretty good as well, but I suppose it depends on both budget and planning. Sometimes it can just be easier to check in to the one that's in the right place at the right time.


    just spent a weekend in a Formule 1, it was cheap, certainly functional, but perfectly manageable, i don't think they charged for the whacked out Algerian man wearing just a wet t-shirt who was wandering the halls and trying all the doors at 2am, so your knowledge of French swear-words could increase, which is always a bonus

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    What cfh says, ibis normally fine. Have a look at under 'brands' you can see all their stuff, and get an idea of it's relative luxury, or otherwise

    I'll take a sleeping bag if there's the faintest chance of ending in a Fomule1 or similar, the sheets are awful.


    I've never had any trouble just pulling off the Autoroute at the first 'centre ville' sign I see when I'm ready to stop
    There's usually plenty of cheap hotels [not to mention good food & wine]

    When I've planned things I usually end up stopping before I'm ready


    We tend to use the campaniles when traveling through France – not the cheapest but clean functional rooms (that we tend to put the bikes in) and a decent buffet menu.
    Others we have stayed at are Ibis and Mercure – all pretty much the same.

    Ibis, Novotel and Mercure all OK. Would steer clear of Campanile and Formule 1 – some are pretty horrible and in some dodgy locations

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Ibis is my default too, and has manned reception desk.
    Etap is one step down, Formule1 is two steps down, with both being electronic check-in AFAIK.

    in order of preference from the botom up (and mostly part of the same group)



    Premiere Classe, Kyriad, Etap are like up market formule 1's ie ensuite toilet and shower Pretty cheap
    Formule 1 have communal showers and toilets but clean and I have never been in a bad one
    Campanile is overpriced and average
    For a cheap roadtrip you wont go wrong with the first 4.


    problem with Formule 1 if you arrived late, and your card does not work, you get stucked outside as there is no overnight staff.
    But I will encourage you finding a small hotel in the city centre, usually good, friendly and good breakfast, and you can top up at the near boulangerie for your next trip in the morning.


    bon! thanks for info.


    F1 for me functional, cheap and comfortable

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