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  • leggyblonde

    Does anyone know if the French will carry the new years day bank holiday coming up onto the Monday like we do here?

    I’ve searched google but can’t seem to get a good answer, hopefully STW can help 😀


    I don’t think the French carry over the Bank Holidays like we do, although if they have 2 Bank Holidays in quick succession, they often add in extra ones in between (known as a “bridge”).

    Snow heads have a chart with european holiday dates
    Will see if i can find it , if it shows it or not

    edit .- big fat fail


    Thanks, it is a hard question! Looks like I’ll have a day on the slopes on 2nd Jan in that case whilst visiting family 🙂

    b r

    No, not normally.

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    jours fériés 2012


    And boxing day is not a public holiday. And even if the 25th Dec falls on a Sunday, the Monday is still not a public holiday!

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    This year they are saving all their bank holidays for when UK credit rating is lowered

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