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  • Freeview channels in France?
  • ocrider

    No, you wont get anything. Its terrestrial and way out of range.

    A freesat box if you have acces to a satellite dish on the other hand…

    So, France doesnt have the eqivilent of Freeview?

    What about DAB radio?


    and maybe a proxy server?

    if you have internet obviously..


    Oh, I thought that you wanted to pick up british channels, duh!
    The French call freeview "TNT" but they use a different standard to the UK so I'm not sure if you could get one card that does both UK and France.

    DAB, no such thing in France. FM or AM, tis all!

    Thanks guys, hopefully spending more time on the Mega Avalanche route than watching the box, but useful to know.

    No wonder the Yanks dislike France so much….

    Going to Alpes D'Huez etc in a few weeks and was planning to take a laptop. If I get a freeview card am I going to be able to pick up any channels? What chance of getting one that is showing the tour? Will I be able to get any UK radio stations with a freeview card do you reckon?

    PS – I am planning on riding, not just watching TV…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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