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  • freehub/cassette issue
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    I have an easton ea70xct wheelset and have recently upgraded to a type 2 rear mech, I have noticed that the three lsrgest socket set rotates on the shaft, seems as though it is loose although I cant physically tighten it anymore than it is. Will an all in one cassette or new freehub be required?


    i assume this means the cassette spins – if it does it is not a tightness issue and either the freehub has gone/worn so there is no grooves to engage or the cassette has broken
    Only removal will let you know which of these is the cause
    the solution is almost definitely replace which ever bit is broken

    Premier Icon butlerjamesp

    There are wear grooves on the freehub which doesnt seem to affect the single rigs but the larger triple seems to cause a problem. Issue I have really is cant get hold of an easton freehub as they are changing distributor wt present so looks like a new cassette, bloody expensive though!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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