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  • Freehub identification – help please!
  • Hi all,

    I need to identify this freehub body so that I can get a replacement. It looks like a Shimano SLX to me, but the hub body is completely blank and it is fitted with cartridge bearings (don’t all Shimano use cup and cone?) and it is 6 bolt rotor fitting, with 142×12 spacing and 10 speed cassette. It is mounted to the hub via a 14mm allen bolt which goes in the rotor side of the hub.


    Anyone? 🙁


    Csg (cannondale) list them as fire rr.Although they are used in some bontrager wheelsets aswell.I’m not in work this week to check but I might have to go in later so I’ll check and get part numbers.

    That would be great! Thanks!

    Premier Icon brant

    Made by KT in Taiwan I think. Looks like the Planet X Dog hub which was like the DMR Revolver?

    Hi Brant, thanks for the link. It does look similar although slightly different in a few ways (3 lines across the body and unpainted spline bit). I also read in a few places the DMR Revolver uses a 12mm allen key for removal where this is a 14mm one (they don’t seem to make a 142×12 revolver hub)?


    yeah looks like a revolver to me too
    I had one on a set or Easton wheels, failed pretty quickly 🙁
    intermittently it would just spin and not engage then randomly just start working again.

    That secured using a big allen key through from the left hand side of the hub


    also looks the same as the one i have on my FSA wheels.

    As said above, Easton works as do Pro-Lite

    Not the best quality but seem to do me for a year on my commuter


    I’m going into work tomorrow 🙁

    Thanks again for the replies. From the few listed above, the Pro-lite looks the most similar, but can’t see them for sale anywhere!

    Rorschach – Did you get a chance to look?


    I have ‘fond’ memories of a DMR Revolver freehub locking up on me half way around the huge left hand berm near the end of the Cymcarn DH course. I thought I was going to end up in Swansea….

    looks like a sun ringle ride xmb mk2 freehub body to me.

    Premier Icon stimpy

    It’s a Pro-Lite I believe.

    I think I might have one in my spares box. If I can find it are you interested?


    looks like a sun ringle ride xmb mk2 freehub body to me.

    The Sun Ringle ones are threaded on the rear, not splined. See here.


    From the pic it looks very much like the one specialized use for cambers stumpys etc which are 142
    Local Spesh dealer may have them on the shelf as they fail for a pastime.

    There can be some very slight differences from one body to the next and Normaly has to be bang on to fit and not bind up

    Hi Stimpy – If you could have a look and see if it matches my pics that would be great. Happy to buy it off you if it is new?

    Update: Hotlines have told me the hub is made by Formula.

    Gold star to orangeboy, as it seems the same one is used in Specialized hubs – e.g. the one dismantled here:

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