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  • hunterst

    Hi all

    I have said i would help a friend get his old marin palasade trail working properly again.
    He has owned the bike nearly 20 years.
    So new crankset, chain, cassette etc.

    The problem is, his freehub needs replacing as it no longer bites
    He is ready to take it to a bike shop but i am thinking i should be able to do this. I know nothing about freehubs, but it surely cant be difficult.

    His wheels are araya

    Could he just buy a standard 7 speed freehub like the one in the link below?

    Just trying to save a mate a bit of cash if i can fix it for him.
    Thanks for any help


    Freehuhs are specific to the hub, chances of getting one for a 20 year old bike are about nil. However are you sure it has a freehub and cassette, rather than a 7speed freewheel?

    Also available at your local LBS, who may even swap over the old and new ones for you and save you needing to buy a freewheel removal tool.


    You might find the freehub is really sticky if its not been used for a while. You need to remove the bearings and axle (15mm + 15mm cone spanners needed for this IIRC). Once removed you’ll need a 10mm allen key to unscrew the freehub retaining bolt.
    Once you’ve got the freehub off, drench it with WD40 or GT85 to flush out any old gunk (turn the freehub whilst doing this) until it comes out pretty clean.
    Leave to drain for a day or so them flush a thicker oil through and let it soak in.
    Then the freehub should either work again or not.


    ignore gearfreak.

    That freehub should fit OK (the spline has not changed in 25 odd years), though the sealing arrangement may not be the same. IIRC the Palisades had a freehub not freewheel.

    Check how worn his rims are though – no point jazzing up some wheels that aren’t going to last.


    Thanks for the replies chaps

    I have already removed his cassette and it is a freehub.

    It was locked both ways initially but when we got it moving it now spins both ways –

    Think i might get him to order the new one as per the link.

    Re his rims – i did point it out to him that there was a bit of a ridge on the braking surfaces, but he has had it a long time and covered many miles including lejog.

    I think its lasted very well and deserves a bit of tlc

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