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  • Just ripped from facebook… We’re in Halifax if anyone would like to come and meet them both etc.
    As some of you may know, Oscar has been having problems with severe eczema resulting in multiple hospital and doctor visits. Long story short, it almost entirely cleared up whilst we were on holiday and came back when we returned. Had tests and stuff done to confirm our worst thoughts and its come back positive – Oscar is (massively) allergic to the cats.
    So, we’re going to have to find a new loving home for Stella and Jeffrey. Ideally we’d like to keep them together (despite the fact Stella despises Jeffrey!).
    For those of you who don’t know them, Stella we’ve had 10 years. Got from the RSPCA after she’d been taken in with kittens (all the kittens went and she was left on her own). She’s a very quiet cat, happy to sit somewhere warm and sleep.
    Jeffrey is the anti-Stella. Got him from the Cats Protection League under the impression we were going to look at a black female kitten. Turns out to be a white and ginger male kitten with half a tail! Anyway, we couldn’t leave him there and I’m so glad we didn’t – just look at some of the photos on here of him. Unique doesn’t even come close to describing him and his personality.
    Both of them though LOVE people. Never happier than curled up a lap and being cuddled.

    They’re both up to date with all their immunisations etc.

    So yep, two of the best friends we’ve ever had have to go. Does anyone have or know of a loving home where they can be as well loved and looked after as they have been here?

    Feel free to share this with friends and stuff.
    Dave, Jo, Noel & Oscar

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