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  • FREE Timber Bells…. the things you find under yuour desk.
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    Hi, Charlie the Singletrack Merch Overlord here…

    So, I have just found five MK2 Timber Bells under my desk. We have now moved on to the MK3, however the MK2 is still awesome, and my personal one is several years and a handful of crashes old. It’s still a great bit of kit.

    These bells need a loving home… so let me do you a killer offer so you too can warn fellow trail uses of your approach, in a considerate way, via the magical medium of a tiny cow bell. Hey, it’s just like being on Ski Sunday… bingbingbing!

    *** Spend £50 in the merch store, and use code KBT288UN, and I will throw in a FREE Mk2 bolt on Timber Bell, worth £24.99 ***</span>

    Only five available… if the code does not add a timber bell to your basket… you are too late. But I will come back here and update when we sell out. Gift Subscriptions are excluded.


    timber bell

    Unsure what to choose… we have bum cream, wooly hats, really nice sweatshirts, books… and lots more..

    Singletrack salvation


    Love and hugs…. Charlie xxx

    Update… 4 left.

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    Good bells these, mine works well for me.

    I’ve already got one otherwise I’d be heading to the stw shop.

    Premier Icon charliedontsurf
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    just 2 left now.

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