Free mapping for garmin any good off road?

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  • Free mapping for garmin any good off road?
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    Is anyone using free open source mapping that is any good off road for detail. I have read a couple of reviews for some that sounded ok but wondered what real world experience is.
    Also there are sellers offering UK mapping on an sd card for about £10 any use?
    Or bite the bullet and go OS


    There’s no need to pay for Opensource mapping unless you’re unable to download it yourself.

    I like the familiarity of OS.
    OSM might have more detail or less detail depending on how much folk have contributed to the area you are visiting.
    OSM seems to scroll/scale better on my Garmin Oregon than the OS.
    I have both on my Garmin so I can select between them.

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    Cheers have you used the OSM in the Lake District ?

    I’ve used it in the lakes and it was good for me. Downloaded and installed as per the dcrainmaker website.


    Dont have the link to hand but also went through the dcrainmaker site. You can download the osm maps for the world for free. Quality offroad depends where you are. If you go to osm you can look at what youll get. Fwiw in the uk they are good enough. In some places i found them better than os since people had put in man made trails that were not rights of way. You need to be aware that not all paths shown on osm are rights of way if that bothers you. Only a problem for me once when there was a big fence.

    If you are buying a new garmin gef the os maps. Much cheaper than to buy them later.

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    Hi all thanks for the info
    @jonba I bought a second hand garmin it came with very basic maps so no option of new discount OS.
    I have downloaded the OSM mapping for local area following the DCrainmaker instructions and it looks very usable.
    Down loaded a couple of rides i wanted from Gpsies all good 🙂
    Thanks to all for the advice.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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