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    I have done it, by myself, I am no great shakes on a bike. One of the best/most memorable, days of my life….Go for it.

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    You’ll be fine

    It is as hard as you want to make it. If you turn up for a nice day out and a comfortable ride with out worrying about the time it’s a lovely day out. If you set yourself a target that is gonna stretch you then it is a world of hurt. Riding at a decent pace for 95 miles then hitting Hardknott is never going to be easy.


    How hard ? Don’t know atm but I’ll tell you in 3 weeks 😯


    Looking for some advice on the Fred Whitton Sportive , I used to be a gnarly , stoked , cool (Shite , lazy , red route) mountain biker. I broke my collar bone and wanted to get fit and bought a road bike and trebled my yearly miles. In the same time I became a superfit , lean and multi skilled cyclist (non lethargic , podgy and can hop potholes)roadie.
    Anyhoo I’ve done a few Sportive’s and average over 4000 miles a year but a mate has recommended trying for the Fred Whitton lottery in December .
    Now I did the tour of Lauder which was a challenging 89 miles with 6,000 climbing in under 6 hr’s . I could have knocked off a half an hour If I wasn’t being such a socialite. 😉

    So too summarise is the Fred Whitton for elite roadies or a total slogfest…. ?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    If your a 60 year old roadie who was born on a bike then it’s probably something to do while waiting for the youngsters to get up….

    I’ve done the Keswick end of things and there is nothing ridiculous in there but the sting is in the tale 🙂 Of those that I know who have done it they put plenty of road miles in and some big climbs to get ready as it’s not something you want to endure but something you want to enjoy.

    Probably worth making sure you have the technique dialled for the silly steep bits.


    Probably worth making sure you have the technique dialled for the silly steep bits.

    walking technique?

    How hard ? Don’t know atm but I’ll tell you in 3 weeks

    I’m bricking it and looking forward to it massively in equal measure.

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    I am in… well till 4 weeks ago when reoccurring back injury flared up, now on my full suss as it is the only thing that I can manage so I am quite trepediatious about the whole thing…………..

    **** hard is the best way to describe it. Nothing can prepare you for how steep hardknott is.

    The guy I rode with was a right PITA as we were riding up kirkstone and I was blowing out my ring piece he was having a casual chat with me saying “looks like were not even half way up” whilst I mutter “shut the f*ck up jed”. Yes it was tough. But you will make it round if you take enough food and take it easyish.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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