Frankie Boyle – anyone else a bit bored?

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  • Frankie Boyle – anyone else a bit bored?
  • ross980

    I've always been a big fan of Frankie Boyle, especially on Mock The Week. I saw him recently on his live tour and was pretty disappointed, after about half an hour the shock factor had worn off and by the end I was just plain bored. He was on Jonathan Ross last night and he managed to shoehorn into the conversation some of the jokes from his stand up tour, but had nothing else original and funny to say.

    Has Frankie Boyle past it? Or is he just best in small doses?


    Wasn't he agreeing with you on Jonathan Ross? He pretty much said he was stopping doing stand-up as he was losing his edginess.


    Never particularly rated him he got a bit boring on Mock The Week – lets cross to Frankie & wait for him to cross a line… his comedy is quite predicable.

    saw him in Brighton a few years ago, then was at the "Live at the Apollo" show last year and he was still doing the same "jokes"

    it's already been said above.

    As above, he draws on a very limited stock of material and chances are, if you've seen the DVD, you've heard everything he has to say.

    Funny while it lasted though.


    It's the same with almost all comedians though. If you've seen one set you've seen pretty much all they have to offer. Only the very few right at the top of the game are able to consistently produce new funny material over any extended period of time.

    I went to see him last week at Hammersmith and though pretty much the same. Not bored as such but wearing a bit thin. Still funny though.


    I was about to say he's funny but wearing a bit thin but Neil beat me to it, he peaked a couple of yeras ago I reckon.

    It's the same with almost all comedians though. If you've seen one set you've seen pretty much all they have to offer

    The difference with FB is that he seems incapable of being spontaneous. Even the stuff he comes out with on MTW is lifted from his stage act.

    The Doog

    Not as annoying and boring as the multi-talentless James Corden, but he's already had his slagging off on another thread………

    He never had a thread running through his act either. Nothing was stringed together it just went from one insult to another. Not a bad thing with some artists but it have give the act a bit more. As it was being filmed forthe dvd I though it would have had a bit more. The editor will be a busy man.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    He's **** funny but his act is played out now. Needs to take a break and get off the circuit for a bit – do a few sketch shows or some acting etc. Agree with Obi that it seems to happen to all comics nowadays – anyone remember when Peter Kay was funny? He was brilliant coming up in his career, now it's like a funeral whenever you see him on TV.


    Yup pretty much agree – though I've been reading his book and I'm actually really enjoying it. I think a lot of his new material must have been going into that as I haven't heard any of it in stand up routines or on Mock the Week.


    Liked him on MTW, but he was awful last night, he was just being controversial without actually being funny.

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