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    chemical brothers


    blown out of the back of the peleton at the start of the mountains to riding with the leaders a few days later

    I’m not a fan of Frank but really? He finished 1m09 down on stage 6, 30s down on 8, 3m on 9 (same as Wiggins). I don’t think he’s really been “blown out of the back” on any mountain stage. Disappointing performances I’d agree has been the watchword of his 2012 but to suggest he had no form then suddenly was at the front is a bit strange.

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    Gah, beaten to it.

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    I’m being over the top in my analysis for sure, that’s the joy of forums!

    But I was concerned that he’d had no form pretty much all season then been dropped by the main group and a few days later he’s right back at the front. I did question it at the time, however your right I’m being too cynical, everyone can have a bad day, look at cuddles (not for a second suggesting he’s doping). I guess I’ve been following the sport for too long and just want to believe in a clean tour but I just have nagging doubts most of the time.

    It’s sport, they all cheat don’t they, what with being born genetically superior to the rest of us mere mortals…


    Schleck is also said to have voluntarily accompanied Police officers to Pau police station for an unspecified reason.


    The test was in Cap d’Agde, not Pau. The Cap was Stage 13, two stages since. Wonder if there’s anything in this beyond the fact that the story broke while the Tour was in Pau.

    It must be something he ate who’s his butcher!


    how about a conspiracy theory, Bruneyl and Schleck are getting on so well, Bruneyl decides to shaft some of his riders for not doing what they are told.

    nervous laughter when asked about drugs even in a spoof interview


    Schleck’s statement “categorically denies taking a banned substance”. Correct Frank, you’ve failed a test for a specified substance, not a banned substance.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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