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    hi guys,
    anyone know of somewhere that will strip and powdercoat a bike frame in the darlington area. theres a couple of places coming up on google but just after some knowledge from anyone thats had it done.



    Not in darlington but I used bettablast in Newcastle.

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    cheers Jonba.
    how much did they charge for it, were they any good. I’m trying to sell my orange patriot frame at the moment but if that fails i’m intending to rebuild it as a lighter full sus bike. orange will respray, replace the pivot bearings and re-decal the bike for 200 but i just wanted to see if there is a difference with getting it done myself.


    I’ll tell you tomorrow – hopefully picking up my winter frame thats been at Bettablast this week. They quoted my £38 for the job. Thats a standard frame mind. You’d have to ask Bill at BB how much the frame and swingarm would be.

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    cheers, will be interested to hear what it’s come out like. I checked their website this morning and they certainly offer a wide range of colours and finishes.


    I’d be interested in the results from Bettablast too, I’m not far from Darlo and want to get my frame stripped & powdercoated in the next couple of months.


    I”ve used Stella blast in Chester le street. They’ve done frames and forks off me and mates and they’ve all been excellent. 35-40 quid.

    I highly recommend Bettablast. I’ve used them a couple of times and the result is always fantastic. Powder coating is extremely hard wearing and idea for MTB’s. Turnaround is only a couple of days and the prices are very reasonable.
    Examples of the work they’ve done for me…

    Kona Kula Deluxe in Steel Gray. The old SID’s were chemically dipped by Bettablast too, all I had to do was vigorously rub with Autoglym to get the mirror finish.

    …and ‘Project SwampDonkey’. Winter hack bike in Kawasaki green. Yum.

    Oh, by the way, anyone having this done MUST have the BB shell refaced and re-tapped. The old paint blasted off settles in the threads and then gets hardened into them during the baking stage. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!


    I used Bettablst at Shiremoor a couple of years ago, highly recommended.

    Premier Icon keefmac

    that Kona looks amazing. Will definitely give them my business.
    cheers guys

    I’ve used RNR Powdercoating, West Tanfield just north of Ripon.

    It was a simple frame so didn’t need much work but they did a good solid job for £30


    Another vote for Bettablast in shiremoor.
    Local to me, and good quality work.
    They do all sorts.


    Definitely recommend bettablast they did my stumpjumper fsr three piece frame and I think it was about £45 can’t recommend them enough and they have a great range of colours and finishes

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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