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  • Frame Upgrade
  • pingu66

    OK this might be utterly stupid however I am sure people will point out if it is.

    Current have a a Pinacle Arkose which is 105 with mechanical discs and I am looking at upgrading to something a little sportier. I have been looking at Specialize Roubaix and Giant Defy but got to thinking I could also upgrade the frame and some other bits on my current bike as well and thus have two bikes for different rides.

    So question is I have wheels, groupset and brakes, recomend me a frame and anything else I may need. Will be getting it done at my LBS as I have not enough of an idea of bike mechaics to build one.

    Is this oversimplifying things.


    Perhaps not enough detail but the basics are I am looking to just shift al of or as many components as possible from the Pinnacle to a significantly better frame. It seems logical to me, will definitely need some new components.

    Also been drooling over the gravel bikes and the Trickster ATR thread. So would like to invest in a frame and upgrade other components along the way.

    is it that easy or will most of the components on the Pinnacle not fit anything else.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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