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  • Hi

    Our eldest has been belting round the local singletrack and the odd trail centre on her rigid kids bike and has been asking for a MTB like mine – which is fair enough really and I agree

    Shes 11 and although has decent fitness is on the tall and weedy side so Id be keen to build her something she will get on with easily

    Fortunately I have all of the stuff from a mostly XT built but now dead full suss frame sitting in the shed for the last 4y or so
    The bits are well used but should scrub up with a bit of graft and some spares from CRC

    I had thought of a Whippet frame, currently mucho cheapo, but opinion seems to think 2×10 is the way to go here and I have 3×9, plus my forks are 130mm which also doesnt go

    An Inbred at 140 quid seems the way to go, any comments??

    PS I have no affinity with On One, they just seem to be flogging off stuff at the moment (for a change)


    I did same for my daughter, 13, 5’4″. XS inbred with SIDs and xtr disc brakes. Easy build as its standard stuff unlike the whippet. She loves it. Just got back from double blue loop at Swinley and she wanted to go again. I plan to swap the frame next year to a small.


    Any lighter alternatives to an Inbred?

    There’s a very nice Genesis Alpitude 853 frame in the classifieds that has been professionally modified down to 14″. If the future Mrs Oliverd looked at her bike more than once a year I’d have bought it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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