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  • I bought this as an ex demonstrator and a fellow rider with keener eyes than me spotted these marks on the top tube. Should I be concerned?


    have you been on the dirtmag website today? looks like you have a number 6 or 7 ahead of you

    Bodge Tweak Hack: Part 4

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Looks like is has been stressed. Possibly from being ridden with the seat-post too extended (could easily happen on a demo bike). Personally I’d make sure I had a nice long seat post then just keep an eye on it. Is the something on the vertical tube or is that the reflection of the slightly clichéd Audi badge?

    nickjb – good observational skills but I think it is just the badge reflection you refer to.

    the flex seems to have been in the crossbar, probably was a bad landing or something. Frame is a large and at 5’11” its fits me well with the seat down quite low. Must have been a 7 footer on it that day.

    Bike is now fitted with a reverb.


    do you get the full Giant warranty?

    it’s concerning but if you have a good warranty then maybe see what happens. Or get the shop to warranty it now – then you might get a nice new frame 😀


    I had a giant crack there so I would show it to the shop and see what they reckon. Certainly keep an eye on it.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    If possible, go back to the shop.
    Get them to agree that if it breaks there, they’ll cover it.

    Of course if they dispute that it was there when they sold it, you might be struggling, but it’s worth a shot.

    Giant won’t warranty it as they say it is damage not a manufacturing fault. Shop are taking a similar position and have offered me a half price frame as a replacement which I thought was a little disappointing. Damage was definitely sustained before I bought the bike but of course thats difficult to prove.. I bought from an LBS as I thought I would have more comeback that an ebay purchase, not working out that way.

    How likely is this to lead to a catastrophic failure as I am looking at a fairly hefty bill just before Xmas and would rather not spend the money unless I need too?


    Name and shame!

    If it cracks, it’s usually a gradual rather than catastrophic process.


    There was an issue with the 2012 Anthem 29’er frames cracking there and by the rocker mount, it’s been publicised that this was sorted for alter years like yours.

    Here’s a link all about it.


    I wouldn’t ride it. Last thing you want is for it to go and that tube go straight through your sack. 😯


    its a sticker…


    Can you not return it?

    I’d return it under Section 75 if possible claiming that the damage wasn’t pointed out to you at the time of purchase.

    I have been offered a half price frame but that just leaves me picking up the real cost and the LBS foregoing a little bit of workshop time.

    I hadn’t considered a return, did buy it on my credit rather than debit card. I was hoping the LBS would play ball, I could do without this grief.


    Sorry if I have missed it, and re read incase .

    How long between you purchasing and then noticing and subsequently pointing the damage out to the shop.

    Hi Chip, it was within a month, probably within 3 weeks. I paid for the bike on the 3rd of August waited a week or so for the reverb to be fitted (by the shop) I emailed them the above photo on the 29th of August. Talking with trading Standards yesterday as long as it is within 6 months the onus is in the shop to prove it was undamaged when I collected it, not for me to prove I didn’t break it. I don’t want to get all legal but frankly the shop seriously needs to up its game in my opinion.


    steve_b77 – Member

    There is an issue with every Anthem frame cracking there when there isn’t enough seatpost inserted



    Unfortunately, in these tough time, “getting all legal” is sometimes the only way to be treated within your rights.

    Everyone is a business after all, and everyone is feeling the squeeze.

    It’s a shame, but the more you’re armed with your consumer rights, the less painless it is.

    Of course I always go in with the cool, calm level headed down to Earth method first, but if that gets nowhere – out comes the Sales of Goods Act!

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