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  • Fox Sidewinder Polar
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    Anyone used these?
    Found some at Evans in my size for 20 quid and could do with some cold weather road and MTB gloves.

    I’ve got shocking circulation so get really cold hands and feet.
    I had 100% Briskers last year, and they were nowhere near warm enough, even on slightly chilly days.
    Feedback or comparison with Briskers greatly appreciated!

    Premier Icon craig24
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    I used them for a few years now. Great for me but my hands get quite warm, I find them a good balance between being able to move my hands around and keeping them warm. Not so sure they would be a great choice if you get really cold.

    Premier Icon legend
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    I really like them. Good 1 layer palm and wind-proof back, make a big difference in the depth of winter.

    However…… I believe they’re pretty comparible with Briskers so might not be enough for you

    Premier Icon submarined
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    Ah ok, cheers guys. I guess something like the Antifreeze will be better. I’ll give them a miss.

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    Mine are spring autumn gloves, they’re decent for that but not close to warm enough for me in winter.

    I have poor circulation too, and for winter nothing’s come close to the Glacier Gloves Perfect Curve. Yes it’s made of squishy neoprene which feels weird, yes they’re completely unbreathable, yes your hands smell like you’ve been fingering dead things by the end of the ride. But they keep me actually warm and happy, where other gloves have struggled to even keep me functioning. Really a gamechanger for me.

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    I’ve got a pair I struggle to wear them, unless its really really cold, its a warm glove ime

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    Used them for a couple of years but went to Briskers instead last winter. As already said, feel about the same but I find the Briskers comfier and a better fit.

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