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  • cubemeup

    I’m thinking about getting another fox air can but can anyone tell if there’s much difference between the two. I changed my kashima shox within months on my nomad because it just didn’t feel right even after being tuned. Peddle bob was awful and felt it ramped up quick.
    If uv tried both then please give me some feedback.


    I took the plunge recently with a CTD to replace the RP23 on my ’09 Wolf Ridge.

    Despite both shocks being high volume aircans and externally very similar (except for the Kashima on the new unit), the three settings are very distinct. Climb is pretty much locked out, but there’s no harshness. Trail feels suitably firm and descend feels fully active. The damping is far superior too.

    You need to make sure that you get the right tune and the right aircan size, there are also spacer kits to reduce the ramp up if required too.

    I’m upgrading to an RP23 this week and hoping the slight difference in length and stroke (195 x 45 vs 200 x 50) doesn’t upset the geo. Have had a chat with TFT re getting it Pushed and maybe shortened for something like £125. Overall cost is about £50-£80 less than a CTD and will hopefully be proper plush. Also thinking of changing from 120mm zocchis to something like 140mm. I quite fancy a slacker angle for trail use if I know I can wind down to 110mm for XC jeyness when the mood takes!

    EDOT: I’ve no idea where Simon at Loco is as I’ve emailed him once and called about 10 times. Hols perhaps?


    Being 18st doesn’t help with an air can but as long as the peddle would stop I would be happy to go back.a cheers fella

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Had one on Demo and the Missus has one (my new frame will also have one)
    As above the 3 settings are the main difference. My current RP is good but is lacking that setting between On and Off – I run the PP too soft for climbing to give some better platform on the pedally bits with more give for rough stuff.

    I rode the CTD in trail 90% of the time and it was perfect, enough movement to be good, enough platform to work. Climb was an out and out lockout and D was full open fun.

    However there seem to be a lot of tunes about and some done seem to be as distinct, this may be a fault in the shock or just a poor tune spec.

    If it’s for the Nomad I’d try and get on one that is fitted with one, see what you think and get the same tune ordered/set-up for you if you like it. The Blur LT tune is good on the Missus bike. (though some of that is the suspension design)

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