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  • MRanger156

    Frame and shock is 5 months old and only about 5 rides old (road bike in the winter). Just fiddled about with it and the RP23 has developed a noisy, gritty feel with a notch in its first 5-10% of travel then sounds squishy after that.

    Any ideas? Its in warranty so I’ll ring Mojo up tomorrow – presume I should go through them?

    Not happy!

    Youv’e got some cavitation fella. mine’s been back twice in 15 months.

    Mind you Mojo are pretty quick at turnarounds.

    Premier Icon glenh

    Take the air sleeve off and clean +grease.

    If it’s still bad then you need to send it for a damper service /fix (under warranty probably, depending on what you mean by ‘fiddled’).

    If It’s squishing, then there’s nitrogen in the oil which has leaked past a titchy ‘O’ ring which affects the rebound damping (apparently)


    By fiddled I mean tried to get the sag right as even with 220psi it blows through its travel very quickly. Its on a Covert frame if that makes any odds.

    I don’t really want to take it apart myself but pretty annoyed about having to send it back.

    What’s cavitation?


    Dont be afraid at taking it apart. Very straight forward to do. I also added a shim to stop it blowing through the mid travel so quick – not had a lot of time to test, but one XC ride out and it felt good.

    Take apart and lube:

    Dont be afraid at taking it apart

    Except when it’s under warranty. 🙄

    You can’t fix the cavitation problem, It’s a Mojo job. Even your LBS would probly send it back.


    If this problem reoccurred is it a design issue with the shock?


    Just rang MOJO – very helpful. Said it might be because the shock has been sat unused for a few months and just to ride it and see if it got better.

    If not then they said sent it in. Happy either way as can now ride on sat.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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