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    I had this problem, I used some silicon to keep the compression in the place I wanted.

    Then when I was giving them a service I dropped the spring and one of the ball-bearings, so got some new ones, when I cam to fit them, found part of the old spring still in its hole. Haven’t had the problem since. I now have some spare ballbearings and a spring.
    I think its not a good design, and the spring and bearings get worn and need replacing after a while.


    I’ve recently bout some F120 RLC off a mate and am having a problem with the above.

    1. When the lockout is moved, it changes the setting on the compression dial.

    2. I thought it may be dirt in the dials, so took them off, cleaned and reassembled but after a couple of hours at Lee Quarry, the lockout lever is now jammed.

    According to this thread, the rlc knob design is flawed…

    Any suggestions re either of above 2 problems?


    I used some silicon to keep the compression in the place I wanted.

    Cheers, sounds like a good idea….it u just use a blob of slicone sealant under the edge of the compression dial?


    Generally it’s dirt between the two dials and the lockout dial/the three bearings not being correctly located it onto the central boss of the top cap, that are the issues.


    I have this problem. The compression dial just spins almost freely so if I turn the lockout the compression will move as well unless I use two hands and hold it in place.

    I haven’t tried to sort it. As the small movements it makes on the dial appears to have no impact on the way the fork operates.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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