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  • Fox Rear Shock CTD Clunk / Knock
  • following on from my i think my forks are clunking thread….

    im now actually wondering if indeed it is my 2 months old fox float CTD shock

    basically when stood by the side of the bike and compressing the seat (nope its not the seat) the very first 5mm of travel makes a clunk, now its either the forks (as they compress the first 5mm also, in need of a service on the damper so lockouts not fully locking out) or the rear shock

    the clunk isnt a massive clunk but obviously every time i climb rough terrain it makes this annoying noise (not like a creak fortunately) it just sort of sounds like a worn bush or similar sound wise or loose headset

    the thing thats got me thinking its now NOT the forks is the fact the if i compress the forks via handlebars it doesnt make the clunk, only when i compress via the seat, or top tube directly above the rear shock!?

    its only 2 months old from brand new and ive not heard of anything similar before nor did i have this noise when frame was new……ive just done a home service on my forks and its not changed anything, still the same…

    im now actually starting to think it could well be the rear shock instead?

    when i sort of compress on the shock it also feels a bit flat to start of with, like its not really working that initial bit (a bit too springy) but once its actually in its travel its fine…

    it does it on climb trail or descend mode so i cant actually stop it, and it does it with the forks fully open or locked out (although there is 5mm play there too)

    any ideas before i take it back in to the LBS?


    I had this on a new Fox CTD shock, every little bump results in a clunk. I think it is gas leaking past one of the internal seals, so the shock rapidly moves the first 5mm then slows down as the oil starts to move. I got mine repaired under warranty and it has been fine since.

    ohhhhh seriously enmac?!?! kinda good news in a strange way, at least its been fixed!

    and its a newer CTD shock too

    did yours do it just by being stood still and pressing down on the bike? i really became more convinced yesterday it was the shock and not the forks after doing a home service on the forks and what made it even more clear really was the fact it wasnt doing the clunk in the slightest if i compressed the bars….only did it when actually making the rear end move via the shock

    very interesting!


    Yes, you had to push the seat down hard and you could feel the bump on the rebound. But I swapped the shock from my other bike and it disappeared, so it was obvious then.

    cheers bud, righty im gonna pop it in the shop at lunch then, hopefully they can swap the shock over to see if its the cause, sounds very likely now then!

    it goes through the travel fine, its just literally the first bit of compression it does it say 5mm or so not sure if that travel actually feels a bit dead to start of with also

    well its defo the rear shock – i borrowed my legendary mates rear shock for todays ride and its been completely silent /knock/clunk free!

    its with mojo at the min, heres to hoping they can sort it out as its only 2 months old 🙁


    Did you get your shock back fully sorted? Mine is exhibiting exactly the same symptoms. Shock already been repaired once. It came new with no rebound damping!

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