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  • toppers3933

    Are the clamps broken? I know early 36’s had a problem with this but not sure on later ones. Your symptoms certainly suggest its the clamp part of the lowers than the qr’s themselves.


    nope clamps aren’t broken – its kind of like the clamp is not gripping the axle tightly enough unless the QR20 bolt is done up really tightly. It doesn’t make any sense


    Has anyone seen this before…..

    Basically, I have a pair of 36 TALAS forks (QR20) and the QR clamp on the none threaded side of the axle has to be done up really really tight in order to stop the lower leg sliding side to side on the axle by about 2 to 3 mm – I have to use a large allen key to tighten up the bolt in the QR Clamp – otherwise I can move the lower leg from side to side.

    Things I have tried and ruled out –

    another axle from another set of forks – same problem
    compared other axle with mine – they look identical, so ruling out the axle being the problem
    2 different wheels from other bikes – same problem, so ruling out wheel spacing issue
    I have removed the QR Clamps completely and made sure the gap in the lower leg axle housing is clean – i.e. there is nothing in there that would stop the QR Clamp tightening down on the axle.

    I’m at a total loss – and dont want to use the forks with the clamp bolt done up so tight for fear that it will crack the casing.

    The movement in the right leg side loads the right hand bearing in the front wheel which has caused the bearings to go twice in a month….


    call mojo. 01633 615815
    they are pretty helpful and will almost certainly know whats up.
    have they always been like that?


    Are you tightening the disc side first then the non disc side last? It’s supposed to be..
    Tighten axle
    Close disc side tab
    Close non disc side tab
    They have to be tightened in that way or you can get play, allegedly…
    Or do the cams on the tabs look worn?


    Cams don’t appear worn.

    I didnt realise you had to tighten them in that order, but i’ve just tried it, and makes no difference.

    I looked at another pair earlier today – all tho they were vans, rather than talas but the lowers are the same. With the pair I looked at, when the clamps were in the open position there was side to side play in the none threaded leg, but when the clamps were done up – the play went completely. Where as with mine, the play remains when the clamps are done up (unless done really tight). Baffled. It seems like there isn’t enough friction between the axle and the clamp bit of the lower leg, so they just slide over each other.

    I’ve dropped mojo and tf an email – see what they say, but its really annoying that I cant resolve it myself. I suspect the solution will be new lowers.


    My Floats do up with no play with just the axle then the clamps lock it up ,

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