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  • fox forks…..advice
  • Bin em and get some rcokshox

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    Or get xfusion velvets for 2/3 the price of rockshox 🙂


    stumpjumper 2008……..forks…worn stancions, time to replace or get fixed ?


    Are they leaking oil? Are the bushings loose? Its been asked on here before, and consensus was that you ride them till they die/leak horribly etc. I’ve some fox32 talas with a nasty scratch on, and a bit of wear on one leg. They work fine, new seals recently, hold air fine and don’t leak oil. OK the seal may not last as long as a smooth pair, but they are £20 to replace, and takes 1/2hr to do every couple of months, not £400!

    Stanchion assembly “CSU” is about £160 seal kit £25 Bush kit £25 Oil and lube £10 labour 2 hours at £?????

    Easy £250 to get them fixed.

    Sell them on ebay as spares or repair for £50

    Get some Rockshox Rebas from on-one for £279

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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