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  • Premier Icon jimmy

    Agreed. Had a hex for donkey’s, too but the Flux is next. Fits well.


    Had a flux for a couple of months and im abit disappointed with it because the ventilation is poor so it makes my head sweat buckets

    Premier Icon Prophet2

    Time to get a new helmet (snigger)……

    I have two Giro Hex helmets and where they have been comfortable and done the job when required I have always thought the Fox Flux helmet looks quite cool.

    Any STWers have an opinion on the 2013 Flux helmet?



    Had the hex for years and switched to the feature although the flux does look good.


    IMO the ventilation is OK, but there’s a big absorbent sponge at the front of the Flux which collects sweat (then dribbles it down your forehead). It’s also not especially lightweight if that’s a concern.

    But overall it’s my favourite helmet I’ve had so far. (this is for the original Flux, not a new one if they’ve changed).

    Yeah had my Flux for a few years now, cant really fault it.

    Best helmet I’ve owned – and compared to a Xen, it’s like having a fridge on your head!


    Didn’t really get on with mine. Seemed to dig into my forehead a little. Have since moved to using a Feature which is far more comfy, but sadly a little warmer.

    I’m not sure what the rear ‘spoiler’ is all about on the Flux either. Luckily you can pull it off.


    always ridden a giro hex but it got broken from a crash and although i now ride with a semi full facer i time to time ride with my OHs fox helmet and really love the fit of it. Seems a lot more coverage and really nice and col with a nice air pocket at the front which is excellent for ventilation.

    Premier Icon Prophet2

    Feeling the love for the Flux. Looks good, think I may take a chance….

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I went from a Hex to a Flux, the fit’s quite similiar.

    I really liked my Flux, but kind of despite itself… They’re massive, and not light, and the strap mechanism isn’t brilliant. And the damn fool spoiler, grr (it does come off)

    But- it was comfy, cool, had excellent coverage, and sat so well on my head- it’s a cliche but it went round my head not on it, the HEx was always “on top”. So stable with a light, too. So miles from perfect but the good stuff was so good I don’t care.

    Fox’s Striker is also excellent- a bit more XC, it weighs miles less, fits similiarly, and is a wee bit cooler but does have slightly less protection at the back of the skull (it’s still better than a Hex for that, mind, but it’s not as burly as the Flux) And just generally better executed- smaller, better straps, etc.

    Premier Icon rickon

    If you fancy a pretty much brand new Fox Striker in S/M, let me know, I’ve got one spare that you can have much is cheapo.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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