Fox Float volume reducers?

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  • Fox Float volume reducers?
  • I’m having bottom-out issues on a fox 100mm rear shock so its been suggested I need to fit a bigger volume reducer.

    There seem to be several different kits available. What on my shock do I need to measure to work out which kit I need? Can I work it out just from the shock model?

    Does anyone know if you can get the kit for less than £40…?

    Post a photo of the shock. I’ve got the kit for an rp23 / CTD you can have for a lot less than that.


    Depends on the shock

    •FLOAT DPS (9mm shaft) Air Spring Volume Tuning Kit: PN 803-00-802
    •FLOAT X (1/2in shaft) Air Spring Volume Tuning Kit: PN 803-00-827

    Guessing this is yours
    •FLOAT RP Series (3/8″ shaft) Air Spring Volume Tuning kit: PN 803-00-612

    Check spacer compatibility here

    £33.00… 😯 the robbing bar stewards, would take the offer above.

    Sorry, this took me a couple of days.

    I’m guessing it’s an RP3…?

    @simons_nicolai-uk – if you’ve got a kit could you drop me a line? edward.rollason[at]



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    I don’t know if this is good practice but in the past I’ve done volume adjustment on fox shocks by blobbing in shock grease instead.

    @Northwind – shock grease? Do you have a link to something suitable? I’m a newbie on rear shocks…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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