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  • Fox Float RP2 – replacing the air valve?
  • Any ideas how to replace the air valve on the RP2? Is it a simple job of unscrewing the old one and installing the new (after releasing all air out of it?) Cheers.



    If you’re talking about the whole assembly, not just the valve core, i’m fairly sure they screw in, but i’d use a heat gun on it first as it may well be threadlocked.

    If you just mean the valve core, I changed one on my old Float R. Just took the old one out (with tweezers) and replaced it with one from an old inner tube. Worked perfectly.


    Yay! Something I actually know the answer to, at last…

    I had a faulty valve core on my float R, and pretty sure the air valve is the same throughout the range.

    You can unscrew just the valve core from the valve body with a standard schraeder valve core removal tool – couple of quid from an auto parts store. If its the valve core that’s the problem then just replace with any schraeder valve core – yes really – I checked with Fox service in the US and its just a plain old schraeder valve core, so one from a car tyre or bike inner tube will do.

    If its the valve body (metal barrel the core screws into) thats the problem, there’s a hex key recess in the mouth which you can put an allen key into once you’ve removed the valve core – can’t remember the size, but its imperial not metric (Fox being a US company an’ all). This allows you to unscrew the whole valve assembly from the shock body. Replacement valve assemblies are readily available from Fox.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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