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  • jwab

    Does anyone use these and are they any good?

    I am thinking of updating the 120 rebas on my soul and get the (obviously massive!) benefits from a tapered steerer and 15mm maxle and have seen these and just wonder if they are any good and whether it is odd at all when the lockout is released?

    My main interest is from not having multiple set up options etc that you would get from the RLC version and wouldn’t really feel the need to alter settings mid ride as long as the lockout was effectively dealt with.

    Yes I have 100mm terralogic FIT f29 forks on my 29er hardtail. Yes they work really well in my opinion. I think the principle is similar to the brain technology, which I had on an epic before I went hardtail 29er but for some reason the terralogic works without any clunkiness of lockout release. Its as seamless as I could ever want, to the point I cant feel it at all. Not cheap, not massively light compared with some SIDS, but if your concern is the feel of the Terralogic function, then thats the least of your worries, as for me thats been great.
    Yep your exactly right about the benefit of faffless riding. Just get the Terralogic threshold about right, which is really simple. Then leave it be and get used to riding without having to faff with anything. Happy days 🙂


    I had some 2003-ish 100mm terralogics and really liked them, I’m sure they’re much better now too 🙂 I would recommend more regular servicing than you might otherwise go for though, mine got really stiff on occasions.


    cheers for the comments, these would be 2012 ones which, from the reviews i have found, are apparently better after the FIT inclusion.

    Premier Icon domderbyshire

    I have them on my Anthem and they’re great. Dial them in how you like them, then ride.

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