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  • Fox CTD suspension woes on a meta SX
  • danpayneuk

    Hey guys.

    I finished building up my commy meta sx a couple of weeks ago. On the short time I have been riding it, all I can say the thing is awesome. Well accept for the soft suspension lol

    Suspension wise it has a fox float ctd bv rear shock, from what I have read is under dampened. WHich definitely seems the case.
    It blows through the travel to easily. I cant use the decent mode due to this and have been running it mainly in trail 1, but still not great.

    Ive read that there options of air volume spacers to help bottom out, which will help towards it, but cant see it helping completely.

    The main thing I was thinking is having it tuned. Whether it be a tune to the standard internals or have them ripped out and the push internal fitted.

    WHat are your thoughts on any of the above options? Are the push internal wirth it, or is a normal tune better.

    Either I imagine a air spacer will be needed to help with bottom out, once I get to that stage of feeling it lol.

    My riding is pretty varied. RIde alot of single track, dh tracks, large road gaps/drops jumps etc, and even alps and whistler stuff as well so need it to be able to handle it all. Obviously its never going to be perfect for all , but as long as its fun and can candle it all Im happy.




    Start with the cheap and easy option and see how it goes *cough*

    zero cool

    Ring TFTuned and ask them what they can do. They’re very helpful and know what they’re doing.
    They’ve just sorted out my standard RP23 a treat.
    Tom Kp

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Start with the volume spacers, try different pressures and try upping the Trail Adjust to 2 or 3 (1 being the lowest)

    I run mine in Trail 90% of the time unless I’m on a proper down section. The Trail adjust only applies to the Trail mode too.


    A few of us have had problems with CTD……. Mainly no difference no matter what you’ve selected……. keep reporting this to your LBS or Fox or wherever you bought it and eventually it’ll be changed for the new innards …… It’s a known problem unit at Fox don’t let them get away with selling you a substandard item that they know is dodgy…… I did it with my CTD fork and my Avid 5 brakes , same story for them things … everyone moans about bleed issues then BUYS an upgrade……… I emailed Avid and Giant and got a new set of Avid 9s fitted by my LBS FOC


    I’ve the same issue with my CTD. Its not a case of a problem with the shock, but more the tune. I too blow through the travel very easily despite sag being set correctly. I’ve bought the volume reducing kit and will try different sized spacers on a trial and error basis. If that doesn’t work then it’ll be going off to Mojo for tuning. There are several factory tunes that are specified by the manufacturer (if you bought your bike complete) and it could just be that the tune the manufacturer you’ve got doesn’t suit you.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I had a similar issue on a Mondraker Dune with RP23. Bobbed like crazy when climbing and used travel a bit easily descending.

    Middle-size air volume spacer transformed it, no further tuning required.

    Different shock I know, but if problem is similar it might be worth a go first.


    Cheers for the replies guys.

    I rang tf as sent a fair few shocks and forks to them over the years. Always really helpfull 🙂

    Basically they recommended ripping the internals out and fitting push internals with a volume spacer.

    They are the professionals but always nice to hear what everyone else has done 🙂

    I built the bike up as bits and everything except for the bottom bracket was second hand.

    Frame, fork, shock were brand new, but second hand, so I know they aren’t abused or trashed, but haven’t got the backing of a shop.

    Sounds like its worth trying the spacers first and see how that goes.


    Sounds like its worth trying the spacers first and see how that goes.

    Yep. Open it up and see what’s in there already (if anything). If it’s just the bigger ones you’re after I can save you some pennies. 😉


    Cheers Dave.

    Will have a look at the weekend if I get chance.

    Volume spacers definitely do work – I’d try them first, but obviously the proper tunign will be better, for six times the price.

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