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  • M1llh0use

    mine (on a spicy516) performs very well in climb and trail but blows through travel in descend.

    and its got a creak so will be going back to the shop tomorrow.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Did a demo on a rm altitude. Very stiff on climb same with the forks. It keeps coming up so either a funny batch or some very different tune requests from manufacturers


    Mine is still pretty soft in climb. Definitely firmer that descend, but not nearly as firm as I’d like it to be.

    yeah think mine will be going back…again 🙁

    works fine and no noise BUT dont think the CTD damper is doing anything and its locked in a single setting (although lever still moves)

    I would have expected say 20mm travel or so on climb mode but not almost full (this is on smooth trails with no big bumps)

    Duane – do you still get quite a bit of travel in climb mode?


    if you weigh more than a 7 year old you’ll probably need volume reducers in a 2013 CTD shock.
    you should get full travel in climb mode the platform is simply more low speed compression damping to ease pedal bob.

    Ha yeah I probably weight 3 X a 7 year old so maybe! I have read about volume reducers etc…..

    The shock seems to be performing well and I only bottom out on really hard hits with 25 sag set (works out about 140 psi for me)

    I just don’t seem to notice any difference between the climb trail and descend settings….. Still get quite a but of bob….. Maybe it’s down to my frame design too and the shock tune (but supposedly tf tuned provided me the correct tune for my bike – spesh camber 26)

    afternoon all. Just a quick one, how much travel do you get on the rear shock in climb mode? do you get a good platform with minimal shock movement?

    I dont really see much of a difference between all three C T D settings on my shock…..seem to get the same travel in all 3 lever positions whilst doing car park bounce test.

    I appreciate the climb mode is not a lockout and offers a higher ramp in compression – BUT should i really still be getting almost 3/4 shock travel in climb mode on smooth ish trails?

    bounding back end of bike up and down, the o ring on the shock shaft moves to a similar position in all 3 lever positions.


    normal or not?? that is the question 🙂



    ive had the same shock on an alpine 160 and a blur LTc, the CTD made quite a difference on the alpine but seemed to make no difference at all on the blur.

    Minimal difference on mine. In theory they change the damping rates but in reality the result is marginal as far as I can tell. I just tend to leave it in trail, by bike doesn’t bob about to much so not an issue. However, my shock is going back for a warranty service in a couple of weeks as it makes a squelching sound at full travel which, apparently, is probably cavitation due to nitrogen contamination in the oil – or something like that. It will be interesting to see if I can notice a difference once i’ve had it serviced.


    I get a world if difference between the 3.

    Climb is locked out when pedalling sat down, does move if I dump my arse down on the saddle hard or hit a drop or something. Still fairly stiff over small bumps but has started to get a bit clunky so I mostly leave it in trail mode unless climbing on a fireroad.

    Trail moves through most of the travel but doesn’t bob too much pedalling.

    Descend is full on bouncy goodness and uses all the travel.

    its a standard non kashima ctd evo on a heckler with climb tune F and compression tune L. I run approximately 5psi more than the chart gave for my weight.

    Climb is Rock solid like a hard tail on my five. Trail is great but a bit harsh on small bumps, descend is great on small bump sensitivity but blows through travel to easy

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    b45her – Member
    ive had the same shock on an alpine 160 and a blur LTc, the CTD made quite a difference on the alpine but seemed to make no difference at all on the blur.

    Exactly the same shock or the same model?


    same shock, used it as a spare.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Just been for a look at the LTC downstairs
    It’s tuned BV175, Rebound L & Velocity L
    There is a noticeable difference (not as LOCKED as some) between the 3 modes. I’m guessing there are a lot of different tune options out there and they could be quite specific to manufacturer’s, it might be that the shock is very sensitive to what it’s plugged into and who’s on it.


    On my anthem, climb mode it’s pretty much locked out.

    Trail mode is used for 90% of my riding and descend gets put into play when it’s very rough. Saying that it is only 100mm of rear travel and is also set up very stiff with about 10-15% sag as per all the t’interweb advice

    five here – in climb mode it was almost lockout on the evolution (basic model ctd), then i had the kashima one and its still noticeable over the descend and trial mode, but not as ‘lockout’ type feel as the evolution one

    but this kashima one has boostvalve and the likes which im led to believe has totally different internals


    Kashima boost valve cdt here on a Cotic Rocket. I leave it in trail mode most of the time on the second setting. Seems to strike a nice balance between pedal friendly firmness and plushness, full travel is achieved on the bigger hits or drops. I’ve tried the climb mode but to be honest I never use it. The bike pedals well enough without needing to use the climb option, so cannot comment on whether or not full travel is achieved in climb mode. The descend mode is super plush but generally agree with the comments that it’s a little eager to use all of the travel to quickly. A very good shock, have been impressed with it.


    I have two 2013 Factory CTDs. The first was FOC due to a cock up by a certain explosive courier company who lost the Fox Triad I sent off for warranty work, the second I bought on the strength of that performance for my Wolf Ridge.

    The CTD for my Camber feels noticeably better than the Triad, the Climb mode feels much less harsh than a lockout and tames pedal bob to a highly satisfactory degree. In trail mode, the shock is a perfect all rounder, never feeling constipated like the Triad did in the same setting. My only issue is that in descend mode, it blows through travel very quickly, despite being a small aircan with a low leverage ratio. I suspect I’m going to have to investigate fitting a spacer.

    The CTD fitted to my Wolf Ridge has been a complete and utter revelation compared with the 2009 RP23 I swapped it for. The climb mode absolutely tames the rear of the bike but never feels harsh. In trail mode, the shock is perfectly balanced and in descend mode it’s nicely supple. Simply, it’s transformed a bike I was thinking about selling because I could never quite gel with it into one I absolutely love riding.


    I have kashima ctd front (150) and rear (160) on my ibis. Not had the bike long but compared the 2012 rp23 with boost valve and talas 120/150 forks I had on my previous bike they feel a lot better. Really firm on the climb, smooth on the trail and absorb really well on jumps/drop offs. Hope this helps.


    There are huge numbers of the open bath cartridge CTD forks being faulty ie the CTD dial makes SFA difference.
    Apparently doesn’t affect the FIT models.
    Apparently fox is well aware of the issue but there hasn’t been a formal recall yet.

    I have a 2013 120mm F29. Turning it to climb mode firms things up a little but nothing even remotely resembling a lockout. I have forgotten to turn it over before descents and while there is a difference there its not really that dramatic either.

    I’m not a fan of this fork at all.

    Got 2013 float ctd front end on my 29er after only one weeks use no diff between any setting , new cartridge fitted under warranty. Four months in no compression dampening rebounding back at a high rate of speed, sent back new cartridge fitted under warranty. Obviously Fox have a problem with this new CTD system , have Fox lost their way with quality are they playing second fiddle to Rockshox , I certainly have lost a tad of confidence in the brand.

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