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    I have got a pair of those brown fox talas 36 forks with 150mm travel.I want to convert them to floats,looks like I need to buy a air spring assembly complete(a to good to be true £35+pp from mojo)and a float top cap,I was wondering how fox increased the travel to 160mm on the later models,lenghtened the stantions by 10mm?,took 10mm off the negative travel? it will make a difference to how I work out the travel spacer arrangement on the new air piston assembly,any thoughs or experence in this area would be welcome.
    cheers Andy

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    Not answering your question I know but check you have the spacers in between the dropouts to prevent the lowers cracking around the pinch bolts. It’s a very common fault. If you don’t call Mojo and they’ll send you some for free (or they did with me).

    The brown talas forks are 05/06 versions when only the coils had the 160mm. And this might sound daft but have you called Mojo and asked them? They are very helpful on the phone in my experience.

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    luckily these 36 forks already have those spacers/shims,know what you mean though I have also seen lots of lowers come to greif due to over zelos tightening,I will have to speak to mojo when I order the bits,just trying to get as much info as possible before I do,nice to know they are a helpfull.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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