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  • Fox 36 – QR lever has come off with wheel in…
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    Haven’t had a very good look yet as I made the discovery in the car park this evening and getting the damn bike in the car was the main concern at the time.

    So, Current 36 Performance, has the ‘clock’ adjuster on the DS leg for setting where the lever ends up.

    QR lever has extracted itself and while it does thread back in, does not hold sufficiently to unscrew the TA. Looking at the right leg I think there’s more thread showing than should be so presumably TA has got overtightened. I don’t remember doing this but no one else has touched the front end since the wheel was last off so I must be guilty.

    What are my options? Brother suggests it looks like the ‘clock’ insert holds the threads so unscrewing the wee set bolt that sets the angle may be helpful. Didn’t fancy this with multitools in dusky car park. Is there something I can sensibly do to resolve or is it time to call a LBS?

    I think I’m going to be fitting a bolted axle and living with the need for Allen keys after this…

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    If the whole lever assembly has come off the axle you should be able to just remove the retainer and push out the axle and nut. You could then clean up and re install the lever to the axle with loctite (assuming it has just unscrewed, nothing damaged). (or get an allen key axle)

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    Excellent news! Thanks, Bigyan! 😁

    I’ll take a look in the morning once I’ve cleaned it up and double check for damage.

    Any particular fun to watch out for when the retainer is removed or is it literally ‘undo small Allen head and remove screw and pawl-like thing’?

    Do I need grease tolerant loctite or will any old loctite do?

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