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  • Fox 34 crown adjust grub screw
  • Premier Icon alanf
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    Would anyone happen to know what size grub screw retains the cable on a 2019 fox 34 crown assembly?
    I had to remove to adjust cable and it managed to get away from me and disappear into a unknown area of my garage floor!

    Premier Icon kelvin
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    820-00-202-KIT is the full replacement part (hose guide and bolt). Don’t know the bolt size I’m afraid… not risking taking mine out to look… they have a desire to run away and hide!

    EDIT: ignore that, you’re talking about the remote cable, aren’t you? Sorry.

    Premier Icon tinglesrack
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    Fox part number 019-01-140 size M4 x 3m with 0.7mm thread pitch

    Premier Icon alanf
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    Thanks chaps and yes it’s the remote cable.
    I’ll seek out an M4x3mm

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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