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  • Fox 34 – Cart swap / travel adjustment help
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    My mates ended up in a bit of a pickle.. he has 2 sets of fox 34s.

    He wanted to make the set on his bike 150mm and thought he had to buy a second set of forks to achieve this…

    He currently is running:
    2014 Factory Series 34 FLOAT 27.5 FIT CTD
    ID = CKFM

    He removed:
    2017 Performance Series 34 FLOAT 27.5 GRIP
    ID = C6D5

    Now I don’t run Foxs anymore so just guessing but….. I know the CTD cart is garbage (used to have one). Can he put the grip cartridge into the 2014 34’s and have a 150mm setup with no cost?

    OR could he also just get a 150mm airshaft for the 2017 34s for £40 and sell the 2014 forks as they are unneeded?


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    Yes, with the air shaft for the 2017 forks. Might be possible to just swap the 2104 air shaft over, but if it is compatible, it might be something of a downgrade.

    Premier Icon alexxx
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    Yeah I think if he’s doing it he may as well just buy the part he should have originally:

    which I believe is this:

    And sell the 2014 34’s untouched as he doesn’t need them…

    silly bugger even bought a wheel because the older fork wasn’t boost!

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    Go to the silverfish website and chat to them via their online chat. Give then the 4-digit code you mentioned above, they can tell you/sell you the correct part.

    Premier Icon alexxx
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    Nice, thanks

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    I did a travel change on a 2017 34 recently. It was quite straightforward and nicer to work on than my usual Rock Shox forks TBH.

    Got the shaft and some oil & fork grease from J Tech, calling him to be sure I had right part.

    I wouldn’t go 150mm on one myself though, bit flexy. Unless he’s a whippet?

    Premier Icon BearBack
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    Probably some stanction I.D or top cap thread differences between 2014 and 2017.
    Now’t wrong with 150mm 34s though. Correct Aishaft for the 2017 would be best, or fit4 swap into the 2015 if he wants to keep kashima.

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