Four4th Scorpion tail light

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  • Four4th Scorpion tail light
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    Anyone using one? Was looking at them at the weekend at MBM Rd 1, looking all nicely displayed and perfectly set up on the stand but then forgot, in the real world, that doesn’t necessarily work out as most of my saddles are quite far forward on the rails so there’s not much space for a clamp and then the body that protrudes back under the saddle from the clamp. Plus there’s also the saddle rail clamp bolts sticking through the top of the seatpost head as well to get in the way…

    I’ve already got an Exposure Flare on a saddle rail mount that will only fit 1 or 2 bikes for the same reason and that’s no where near as big as a Scorpion.

    Photos of how you’ve got them mounted would be good, quite like the look of one for one the road bike but don’t want to splash out if it’s not going to fit…

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