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    Not used the Genesis, but have used the Holy Moses. Del, the guy who runs Four 4ths is not only a very nice chap (lent me a light to use at Mayhem when mine didn’t want to work for some reason), but he knows how to make a good light.

    They’re VERY well made, better than anything else I’ve seen I’d say (including Exposure which are also very good), they’re easy to get spares for as he keeps them all in stock, the Holy Moses in particular is ridiculously bright and probably has the highest lumen to £ ratio excluding the cheap DX lights etc.

    And like I say, he’s a real nice bloke. If you’re at an Endurance race any time soon, look out for him and his team, I’m sure he’ll let you have a play with a light.

    Mboy – thanks for this. They look extremely well made from the pics on the site, great to hear your opinion of them.
    I’ll drop Del a line and see if i can arrange a go with one of them..

    Considering a Genesis light from these guys but dont know much about them and there are limited reviews on line. Has anyone got one of these lights, experience of using one ? Would appreciate any views before i make a purchase


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    If look on Muddymoles website there is a review on them. look on there review section & there
    is a dropdown menu on lights.

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    Four4th lights work for me, reliability and support is good.

    The Genesis 4 spot is a neat little unit with plenty of punch and represents good value for a well built light – Bar mount.

    I am currently running a Holy Moses on the bars and a 3 led Genesis on my helmet. This gives more than enough light for the darkest of nights when leading a group.


    Excellent, small and very very well made lights. Give Del a ring and chat to him what you want. I have the Exodus, after speaking to Del he advised that the Genesis (which is what I was after) is a good complement to the Holy Moses (Lol!, like you need more?!). I use an older MJ on the bars as well, so Exodus is what he recommended.
    One of the guys I sometimes cycle with no Del pretty well, so he’s often turning up with some custom four4th lights, they seem like a nice company to deal with.
    Oh, and the battery last fkn ages.

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    Used the Genesis through last winter – replaced a Joystick. Its very good,much more light than the Joystick (as you would expect) well made, good switches and reliable to this point. Use it with a bar mounted Lupine Betty and I have never been short of light. Run on medium most of the time.


    Great lights well made and very powerful cannot add any more to what others have said really, get some as am sure you be very happy with them.


    Thanks for all the responses … much appreciated !


    There’s quite a few of our group running Four4th lights (we did a group buy a couple of years ago) and we’re all pretty happy with them. They are also very helpful on the phone if you have any questions about their products, and their warranty / after sales is on a par with Hope.

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