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  • Premier Icon mlke
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    I’m looking to buy a helmet light.
    Has any one used this company for lights recently?
    Any Horror stories or firm recommendations?

    Premier Icon theotherjonv
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    very good, local to me and have had excellent service when I numptied up the connection through cack-handedness.

    Lights themselves have been very good and reliable, and while not the cheapest or possibly the brightest (haven’t been in the light market for a few years now) I’m happy to deal with a UK company that won’t burn my garage down.

    Premier Icon Yak
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    Mrs Yak used the Holy Moses on the bars and Scorch on the helmet in the awful weather at wembo this year. Faultless kit with good outputs and good runtimes. This is proper kit for longevity and not overloaded with unnecessary tech. Definitely get them if you are in the market for quality lights.

    Premier Icon superfli
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    Excellent lights and service from a local company to me. Very well made and powerful. I have a holy Moses on bars and upgraded my exodus on helmet to OMG last season. Both green tint which helps reduce shadows I find. I did have some battery issues last season, but quickly resolved by Del.

    Premier Icon shedbrewed
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    I have a Genesis and aside from a couple of battery issues after I left it too long between charges the lamp has been superb. Good flood of light and at a usable intensity.
    I’d really like one of their Scorpion tail lights

    Premier Icon djflexure
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    I have one up for sale on the classified’s – if you an find it
    Great lights

    Premier Icon jeffl
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    Have a scorcher helmet light. Bought it at th bike show as they had lots of offers on. Never had a helmet light so far but it seems pretty good. Only slight negatives for me are as follows. You touch the lens to turn it on and off. Not great as the winter gloves don’t always activate it and you have to move your finger away to see if you’ve turned it on, or off. The helemt mount is ok but puts the weight up front. May buy an exposure helmet mount as it looks like it should fit. Finally it’s more of a flood than a spot beam.

    That all sounds very negative but the power and shade of the colour is really good.

    Premier Icon heebyjeeby
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    Same comments as above with the scorch light – I like it but the lens activation does not always work with gloves on. If like me you like to toggle between settings whilst riding then it’s quite a big negative. That’s not to say it doesn’t work all the time but sometimes I need to stop, take my gloves off and put them on again.
    Generally speaking though the build quality and customer service is good (although when I emailed my constructive criticism re the touch activation I never heard back from them, strangely)

    Premier Icon shortcut
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    No problems here.

    Premier Icon deadkenny
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    As above, excellent service and lights. Robust design, flexible mounts are key features for me. Specialise in green LEDs which a lot swear by for better definition. Being local for me has its bonus and Del is well known around the place. Think also are Brass Monkeys main sponsor now.

    Premier Icon Yetiman
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    Great lights. I’m still using a 9 year old 1200L Exodus as a helmet light, and I have a green LED Holy Moses on the bars.

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