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  • druidh

    You might have sussed that the Great Glen Way/Cycle Route runs past Fort Augustus. You can you this and a bit of main road to get to Invergarry and then there are tracks over to Tomdoun and on to Loch Loyne.

    I did part of this a couple of years back.

    Loyne-Affric by druidh_dubh, on Flickr


    The South Loch Ness Trail opened last week. Goes from Loch Tarff (near Fort Augustus) to Foyers, Dores etc. Don’t know what it’s like for cycling.

    Or the Trail of the 7 Lochs. Around Loch Mhòr, Loch Duntelchaig etc.


    evening all…

    Anyone got any nice routes around the south of loch ness (ideally from fort augustus) – perhaps 3 to 4 hours worth?

    I know there is the Corrieyairack pass, but i’m really looking more for either a morning’s/evenings worth, and in the my current fitness doubt i’d do it quick enough to please the wife…



    I used to live just up the road from Fort Augustus years ago, things may have changed a bit, but there’s some really good flowy natural single track trails around and along the river at Auchterawe (on the edge of the village) and a could of good tracks at cherry Island about a mile up the glen towards Inverness.
    Longer routes, go long the great glen cycle route to invermoriston, up the glen road towards sky then (quite a bit on the road about 10 miles-ish) then take the General wades road back over to fort Augustus, can be quite boggy, but nice wilderness feel.
    Or go the other way long the cycle route towards Fort William, up the canal, at Invergarry follow the mandally road all the way along instead of taking the cycle route turning, there is some nice single track trails at the forestry commission wood at the end of the road and then you can take the single track back along the north side of the river back to near the hotel in invergarry, were you can re join the cycle route. This bit is going back on the same tracks as you came out on but is one of the best bits along the Great Glen cycle route, being mainly single track.

    Hope that is of some help.

    Also you could also ask at the Forestry commission center in Auchterawe, is just offices but might be able to help. Just before I moved there were a few trails being built, but not sure if they came to anything


    Thanks for the ideas lads, will check them out.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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